These Grass Types Can Withstand Human Footing Well

If you want strong grass for your yard, you can use large elephant grass. Large types of elephant grass are larger and are often found in large and spacious soccer fields or home yards. Its large size makes large types of elephant grass more resistant to human footrests. Maintenance of large types of elephant grass is very easy because you don’t need to water it too often, just occasionally regularly. Despite its large size, this type of grass is still affordable! If you want to install this grass on your lawn, perhaps you need to hire the trusted Hudson Ohio Lawn Care.

Apart from the large elephant grass, there is one more grass that can withstand human footing. Manila grass is a type of ZM grass which is usually used as grass for football fields. This type of grass is classified as high quality with a thick green color and good elasticity. The strength of the Manila grass species is also very high and resistant to human footrests. Even so, this type of grass needs regular maintenance. You have to fertilize it, prune it, and water it regularly. Manila grass species are capable of growing on sandy soils and are ideal for controlling erosion. For those of you who have an extra budget, this type of Manila grass can be taken into consideration for your dream home yard.

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