The Right Equipment To Maintain Effectivity

The name John Deere is difficult to separate from the national agricultural and plantation sector, especially the 4-wheel tractor. Products that come from US manufacturers are very familiar to farmers and entrepreneurs. The oil palm industry is no exception, John Deere tractors are often used to meet transportation needs in the harvest process to plant maintenance in plantations. John Deere’s products in the agriculture, plantation and livestock sector meet the needs of farm tractors ranging from those with a power capacity of 30 HP to 300 HP. Not only farm tractors, other products provided are harvesting tools (harvester) for sugarcane and several implements for other crop applications such as corn, rice, and also cassava, as well as several applications for animal feed. You do not have to worry about using them because you could get john deere manuals pdf to help you.

In the palm oil industry, John Deere’s product lines are very diverse to support the harvesting, fertilizing, spraying pesticides, and transportation activities. John Deere’s unit has various models according to activities in oil palm plantations. For example, an infield collection activity can use the John Deere 3036 E – 4 WD model with a power capacity of 36 HP. And for oil palm fruit collection activities on the collection road, you can use the John Deere 5715 and 5090 E series in the 90 HP class, and if you have extreme topography, the slope can use the 6100 or 6110 series models with 110 HP and 117 HP power.

The mechanization process in the garden through the use of tractors and attachments will help the user or the oil palm company in providing added value. Especially amid difficult conditions to find workers in plantations, plus the issue of a palm oil moratorium that industry players must address so that productivity remains high. The palm oil industry is not easy to expand its land. There is an opportunity to increase production through a mechanization pattern and provide total solutions for the palm oil industry. Therefore, if you see from this point of view, the need for heavy equipment, especially tractors, will still exist and even continue to increase to maintain efficiency and increase productivity.

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