The Importance Of Grout

There are three easy steps to make the connection between the old floor coverings beautiful again. There are three main functions of tile grout. First, as a damper between the tile sheets so that no collisions occur when there is movement. The absence of a damper will potentially make the tile sheet easily cracked. In certain cases when there is an expansion of the structure of the house, tile sheets can also be lifted or popping. The second function is to prevent the flow of water into the substrate. The entry of water can cause a reduced adhesion of the cement under the tile. And third, the grout filler also functions as a decoration element so that the floor appearance looks neat. The three functions of grout filling make this building element cannot be underestimated. If damage occurs, do repairs immediately with tile regrouting perth service. Don’t wait until a bigger problem comes.

For those of you who are having problems with tile grout, here are steps to replace it. First, peel old grout. Damage can be caused by grout that has dried, porous and hollow. The use of improper grout fillers like conventional cement is one of the causes. Conventional cement has more brittle, non-elastic properties. The adhesion is also not good enough for a narrow enough gap. Clean the gap. After removing the old grout, clean the gap between the tiles. Dust and dirt will make the adhesive power of the grout less. Besides having to be clean, also make sure the cracks and undercoat are dry or not damp. The water content that is trapped under the tile layer can make the grout raised and hollow. Tiles can also come apart because of encouragement from below.

After the grout is clean and dry, coat the grout filler using instant cement. Choose the colour according to the tile colour or desired design. Layer the nat filler with a thickness of 1.5mm-3mm. Flatten the entire area using a rubber bag. After being flat, clean the tile surface with a wet cloth or sponge. Do it 2-3 times until clean. Wait until it is dry, the tile grout will be good again.

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