3 Death Traps Are In The Bathroom

Conscious or not, in the middle of the community accidents often occur in the bathroom. Starting from slipping, stumbling on objects, exposed to the mirror glass, until falling which causes a stroke. Every corner of the bathroom almost always saves the potential for accidents that are ignored. Because in reality, compared to worrying about the bathroom people are more anxious about the dangers of the kitchen like an exploding stove. http://ultrabritecarpettilecleaning.com can help you if you feel the tile floor in your bathroom is mossy and makes you slip.

There are far more deaths in the bathroom than in other rooms in the house. In a way, the bathroom is the most dangerous place in a building. Here are some facts about deaths caused by bathrooms that need to be aware of.

Dangerous Slippery Floor
The bathroom floor is the part that must be watched out because it is the most dangerous. Not a few cases slip because of the slippery floor that makes serious injuries even to death. According to a news report, most bathroom accidents are slipping or falling. Although it sounds trivial, some cases cause death slip. And women are considered to have a 72 percent greater risk of injury than men.

Hot water in bathtub and shower
It should be noted, the actual water in the bath should not be hotter than 55 to 60 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, people feel that the water isn’t hot enough even when it exceeds that temperature range. If this is left unchecked, the skin will blister instantly. The condition will become worse if you forget to open the cold tap or suddenly there is a problem with the tap. The great danger is certainly right before our eyes. To avoid this, temperature and pressure regulating the valve should be installed, so that at too hot a temperature the water will automatically adjust itself.

Electrical Connections Near Water
Water is a good conductor of electricity. Therefore, if there are electrical connections such as plugs, or a wall socket in the bathroom is quite dangerous. If the electricity reaches the water, it will cause a shock of high electric power. Therefore, you should put electronic equipment or something that contains electrical power outside the bathroom.

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