Luxury Apartment With 4 Extraordinary Facilities

Many property developers build premium apartments, especially in strategic areas near central business districts such as the One-North Eden condo. The price offered for this luxury apartment is also very attractive. Despite having high prices, it turns out that this luxury apartment still has a place in the hearts of the people. Moreover, the One-North Eden condo has a minimalist decor that makes the apartment look more attractive, complete facilities and security are guaranteed of course this will be an added value for the community. There are several facilities provided by apartments that are high level or luxurious.

First, private elevator. One disadvantage of living in an apartment unit will be felt when residents come and go. They have to go up and down using the elevator first. It is not a problem when the elevator is quiet but when it is crowded, it is not uncommon for residents to have to wait long. In luxury apartments, for some special units, private lifts are provided so that residents do not need to share the elevator with many other occupants and are more practical. Second, theater room. No need to go far to the mall, luxury apartments usually provide a variety of entertainment facilities that can be enjoyed by each occupant, one of which is a mini cinema or theater room. Here, residents can watch films exclusively with quality that is not inferior to commercial cinema.

Third, complete sports facilities. Sports facilities are usually provided by most apartments. However, in luxury apartments, sports facilities provided are certainly more complete. Not just a gym, many luxury apartments also provide luxury sports facilities such as squash, basketball, table tennis, and others. Fourth, sky-pool. The swimming pool provided by a luxury apartment is not an ordinary swimming pool. Upscale vertical dwellings usually have a sky-pool or swimming pool located on the top floor of the apartment so that residents can swim while enjoying the sky and views of the expanse of the city from above.

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