Fishing Equipment For Beginner

If you are still a beginner in fishing, especially fishing in the sea, this is the discussion about tips that you need to consider in choosing a saltwater tackle. So, your fishing activities will be maximal because your equipment is also of good quality. Fishing rod weight is one of the calculations for choosing a fishing line. Even if your fishing rod is heavy, and coupled with the heavyweight of the fish, it is feared that you will have difficulty lifting the fish. Therefore, many beginner anglers who choose fishing rods made from carbon.

Besides being lightweight, the fishing rod is a pretty good fishing rod for beginners, whose target fish weighs only 1-5kg. This is also because the sensitivity of the carbon rod is not as good as the other pro rods. Carbon rods, though light, are vulnerable to hitting hard. Then, the length of the rod also affects. Fishing rods have two types for long classes. There are rods without extensions, and there are rods with extensions. This means that the length of the rod can be adjusted by unloading the rod extension. However, stronger rods have no extension but the fishing rod with an extension is indeed more concise and easy to carry everywhere, compared to the long rod without extensions.

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