Do You Know How To Use An Inverter AC Efficiently?

One of the most effective tips so that the AC inverter can save electricity is if you accidentally press the off button or turn off, then try not to turn on the AC directly. Let the compressor oil and Freon return to the compressor first or let the air conditioner rest for about 1 minute before turning it on again. This will help make the compressor more durable and how to effectively extend the life of the AC compressor. However, if your AC is broken already, you can call the company of air conditioning repairs port charlotte.

In addition, you should not set the coldest air conditioner temperature with maximum fan speed. When setting the AC temperature to 16 degrees try not to use the maximum fan speed or maximum speed. This is the biggest mistake when using an AC inverter. So make it a habit to set a temperature of 24 and a speed of 1 or 2 only. Btu AC must be adjusted to the needs of the room. The way inverter AC works are different from conventional air conditioners where the compressor will not turn off so that only the power will be increased or decreased. So, set the room temperature with the remote at a slow speed, not the maximum fan speed.

Furthermore, you also shouldn’t ignore the AC treatment. Maintenance of inverter AC that you don’t need to miss is routine AC service. Or wash the AC at least once every 3 months, especially when you see that the filter, evaporator, or AC fan is filled with dust. The more dust that sticks, the more power is needed to cool the room. From those who usually use speed 1, because the AC fan is already filled with dust, its performance decreases so that you tend to press the acceleration button 2. As with indoor units, outdoor parts such as compressors will often die because the system in the outdoor unit is already filled with dust and dirt. This is what results in a waste of electricity.

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